Anomalous Aerial Objects


Sarasota, FL

      Camera Model: Canon ES 5D Mark III
      Firmware: Firmware Version 1.2.3
      Shooting Mode: Manual Exposure
      Lens: EF800 f/5.6L IS USM +2X
      Focal Length: 1600.0mm
      AF Mode: Manual focusing

Time: 16:25:55
File: 1H5A2462.CR2

Time: 16:28:00
File: 1H5A2475.CR2

Comment: Video edited to stabilize
Time: 16:28:43
File: 1H5A2481.MOV

Time: 16:29:16
File: 1H5A2482.CR2

Time: 16:29:19
File: 1H5A2484.CR2

Time: 16:29:22
File: 1H5A2485.CR2

Time: 16:29:23
File: 1H5A2486.CR2

Time: 16:29:43
File: 1H5A2488.CR2

Time: 16:29:44
File: 1H5A2490.CR2

Time: 16:29:46
File: 1H5A2491.CR2

Time: 16:29:48
File: 1H5A2493.CR2

Time: 16:29:49
File: 1H5A2494.CR2

Time: 16:29:49
File: 1H5A2495.CR2

Time: 16:30:14
File: 1H5A2498.CR2

Time: 16:30:15
File: 1H5A2499.CR2

Time: 16:30:19
File: 1H5A2500.CR2

Time: 16:30:32
File: 1H5A2504.CR2

Time: 16:30:44
File: 1H5A2505.MOV

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